Education & Practice

My dog training education started when I was around 14 years old when I was visiting a local dog training facility with our family Hovawart.

This is my member card of the local Cynology club:

Later I started to work also on my theoretical knowledge by reading books, articles and watching lectures on DVD.

In 2015 I attended a course Dogwise – Becoming a Better Dog Trainer by Engaging the Mind of The Dog provided by COAPE (The Centre Of Applied Pet Ethology). Main objectives of this course were:

  • Behavioral and Physical Development of the Domestic Dog
  • Learning and Behaviour
  • Understanding Aggression
  • Identifying and Modifying Behaviour Problems

For more, you can visit the link. I passed this course with the grade “A – Distinction”

During my studies in Brno (Czech Republic) I cooperated with local School for
guide dogs, by walking the dogs, later as a foster, and finally, as a trainer.

In 2016 I ended the cooperation with the guide dog school. Currently, I live with and take care of a Labrador retriever  – former guide dog on “invalid retirement”.  I am teaching him some funny tricks – for example, to bring a beer, which is a very important skill.

Some of these tricks  I will be uploading on my YouTube channel and posting here in the Articles & Videos page.

Currently, I am continuously extending my education, for example through various seminars and lectures taught by veterinarian and behaviorist Dr. Ian Dunbar, which are mostly focused on:

  • Biological development of domestic dog, the importance of socialization, habituation, and prevention
  • addressing the most common behavioral and training problems like house soiling, destructive chewing, excessive barking, home-alone problems, and separation anxiety, jumping up, pulling on the leash, ignoring the recall,  lack of attention and compliance…
  • addressing temperament problems – fearfulness, stress, aggression – using non-aversive techniques
  • lure-reward training and how to phase out the lure

Overview of attended seminars and courses:

Seminar / Course
Taught by
Becoming a better dog trainer by engaging the Mind of the dog The Centre of Applied Ethology
Animal training using the positive reinforcement RNDr. František Šusta, PhD
Simple solutions for common Dog Behavior and Training problems Dr. Ian Dunbar
Growl class – a workshop demo for reactive dogs Dr. Ian Dunbar
SIRIUS® Dog Trainer Academy Dr. Ian Dunbar
How to “unlearn” RNDr. František Šusta, PhD
How dogs communicate Ing. Pavel Bradáč
Resource guarding Ing. Pavel Bradáč